Tuesday, January 27, 2009

It's snowing again!

I've been thinking about my life as a little girl growing up in Coquitlam. We used to have so much snow during the winters! (mind you, I was a little shorter then!) I can remember building snowforts with my brother and having snowball fights with my dad. We used to strap the old skis on and ski down the hill, right into the front yard. Como Lake used to freeze up every winter and we'd all take our skates down to the lakeside, strap them on and spend the evening as a family on the lake. There would be hot chocolate and shovelling and so many family activities to do. I can remember my dad telling me to 'put the car in third gear as soon as possible' when driving in the snow; I wasn't even close enough in age to drive!

My point is that those were family times. Our snow over Christmas turned into being 'family time'. You couldn't get out to drive anyone to the mall so everyone had to be at home together. The power kept going out so we all had to be in front of the fire, together. It didn't even matter that the ever-present blackberry was clicking away. We were together and that made the holidays special.

I know that this snow is not heavy and will probably turn to rain this afternoon. However, it's giving me a time to reflect on how important it is to take time and be together.


  1. Hi sis,
    Wish we Californians could get a break from the 75 degree heat wave! Actually we did have a really cold day....48 degrees. Brrrr!

  2. Great blog... love the picture and the music list.. told RR you were doing a blog, I agree with you on taking time to be together with family.... Looking forward to your next one. Sue