Tuesday, March 17, 2009

I'm officially a 'newbie'!

I began this morning with coffee and my computer. I was determined to finish, or at least start on my lesson for SFU that's due next Wednesday. I'm supposed to take a lesson I've taught and turn it into a 'technology' lesson. So I got to work. Lo and behold, I figured out what I was going to do.

Now, I won't bore you with the lesson details but I got very excited when I actually figured out how to do something new. There was a page I wasn't able to copy that I needed for the kids. I took a picture of the page with Jing and then was able to upload that image onto my virtual classroom site. I was so proud of myself; for about five minutes. Then it started. The 14 year-old got up. When I excitedly showed her what I had done, she laughed and then said, "But mom, why didn't you just use paint? Everyone uses that!". Of course my answer was, "Paint? What the bleep is that?" Now, I've been spending an awful lot of my time exploring my computer and never come across 'paint'. Apparently, it's been hiding in my accessories section. The 14 year-old proceeded to show me that there's a button on the keyboard that takes a picture of the page. Then you open paint, copy the page in and voila! You can actually edit, draw boxes and other stuff. Then she wrote down in my notebook, step-by-step how to do this. Boy, was she patient and did I feel dumb!

Needless to say, I guess I'll be playing around with this program in the next bit. Who knew that teenagers actually have a purpose!

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