Sunday, April 12, 2009

Cassie in Coquitlam!

Well, another Easter is done and I'm still learning! Thanks to my amazing talented daughter. She sure is a smart teenager! Everyone just wishes they had a daughter as smart as her ! I'm enjoying her knowledge lately. especially since she got me reading Twilight. It's really good. We actually went and found the second Twilight movie set together in Poco. She was surprised when she saw a horse in Coquitlam! She also attempted to jump out of a moving vehicle when she found a cute security guard! I yelled "DUCK AND COVER" we drove by the security guards in a circle about 4 times ! Man was that embarassing! That native one was cute! As a matter of fact, my daughter is getting an A in her english class and her teacher looooves her! I'm so proud of my lovely daughter. She deserves the world thats for sure.
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